Towson student learns her most valuable life lessons from dancing

Towson Junior, Rachel Femiano shows off her ballet moves. Photo by: Danielle Williams

Towson University Junior, Rachel Femiano, found inspiration and discovered her most valued lessons through the art of dance. In dance class she developed one of her most cherished friendships, and learned her most vital ideals. Read more about Rachel Femiano here.



Critically Ill Children Inspire Towson Child Life Club members

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Secretary of the Towson Child Life Club, Emily Winter-Cronan (left) and member of the Towson Child Life Club, Beth Kramsky (right) standing beside the Family and Life Studies Department. By Danielle Williams

On New Jersey nights in the 2000s, Beth Kramsky was filled with excitement when she gathered amongst her two younger brothers and sister in the basement of their parents’ home to build forts and have sleepovers. Years later while babysitting her sister, who is 11 years younger, Emily was not too consumed with young adulthood to build forts and accept her sister’s invitation for a sleepover. On warm and sunny Spring days after school, Beth never turned down a game of roller blading with her siblings and neighbors around their development housing.

Emily Winter-Cronan brought her creative imagination into fruition when she played “restaurant” with her childhood friend, where she would pretend that she was the CEO of her own restaurant. As an only child, Emily was the center of her parents’ attention, and she would rather not have it any other way. However, that did not discourage her from taking the initiative to babysit her younger cousins, which influenced her decision to work with children and major in Education.

Amanda Ackerman’s heart warmed when she saw the smiles and laughter on the children’s faces as they decorated their rooms for Halloween in the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital. Continue reading “Critically Ill Children Inspire Towson Child Life Club members”